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Health Care & Life Sciences

Health Care & Life Sciences
Increased regulatory and compliance measures, rising costs and growing service expectations are just a few of the many challenges facing the medical and health care industries today. For those in the health care profession, having real-time access to information is even more critical because it involves saving lives.

SCRUM has established itself as an innovative partner to the medical and health care industries by advancing business objectives with strategic information technology initiatives and superior delivery of technical solutions and services.

From custom application development, collaboration portals, e-mail management and consulting services to architecture optimization, networking, learning and training, and staffing, SCRUM enables the medical industry across health care and life sciences to meet complex business and regulatory challenges.

Medical and Health Care Customers are using SCRUM Solutions to:
  • Address complex data, information and records management requirements
  • Train and educate staff with custom learning management systems
  • Transform business performance through best practices
  • Evaluate architectural and networking requirements
  • Automate reporting and alerts through secure access
  • Address HIPAA compliance and other regulatory challenges
  • Optimize Supply Chain Management
  • Manage and operate medical simulation training centers
  • Accelerate knowledge management through collaboration
  • Augment internal IT resources with staffing and vendor management services