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Businesses invest a great deal of time and expense into their IT infrastructure. Implementing solutions that drive company performance require speed and flexibility. To help achieve this, having a dependable infrastructure in place will enable your business to respond to the rapidly changing demands of the marketplace. Therefore, your infrastructure must be reliable, secure, and scalable.

SCRUM provides a team of experts to support your IT infrastructure needs with the customer service and support necessary to maintain the level of service you demand. SCRUM infrastructure solutions include:

  • Network integration
  • Network security
  • Communication services
  • Disaster recovery
  • Remote network management

Infrastructure Requirements Analysis
SCRUM works with companies large and small to help make IT investment decisions easier. The Requirements Analysis phase allows SCRUM to develop a thorough understanding of your business issues by analyzing your project workflows, existing staff skill sets, and current technology. SCRUM Requirements Analysis begins with questions to help meet your business objectives:

  • Can business goals, such as increasing revenue be achieved with the current infrastructure?
  • Can employee productivity gains be realized across departments through collaboration and better interaction?
  • Can departments become more efficient through a cross-departmental integration?
  • What are the financial ramifications of replacing existing application systems?
  • What are the scalability requirements to ensure the ease of future technology integration?
Also, SCRUM offers a whole range of IT Infrastructure products and services for our enterprise Clients. Our offerings in this market segment are broadly structured as follows.

Network Infrastructure and Management
>> Structured cabling Solutions
>> Converged Local Area Networking Solutions
>> Converged Wide Area Networking Solutions.
>> Desktop Management.
>> Network Management.
>> System & Application management.
>> Data Center Management.
>> Back-Up and Storage management.
>> Helpdesk Management.

Wireless :
>> Feasibility assessment: SCRUM will determine the feasibility of implementing a wireless solution and recommend appropriate solution(s) to ensure optional connectivity.
>> Network Design : We design Network and Topology Solutions with emphasis on aspects of security issues.
>> Easy Deployment : We utilize field tested and least down time deployment strategies.

Security :
>> Physical, logical and Perimeter Security Risk Assessment.
>> Audit to Assess Current and Required Security Levels.
>> Audit to Assess Technology Requirements for Security Purposes.
>> Industry standard BS 7799 Audit and pre Certification Services.
>> Continuous Assessment and Audit of Security Technology and process