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SCRUM is committed to helping your company become more agile by offering a range of cost-effective staffing solutions. By leveraging our extensive database and nationwide recruiting organization, as well as an international network of business partners, SCRUM offers experienced consultants and instructors in virtually any technology platform. Our onshore, nearshore, and offshore resources give us the global capabilities to deliver the staffing you need – programmers, systems analysts, database administrators, business analysts, network administrators, and more.

Project Staffing
Many times, a company needs to staff the majority of a project team with external consultants.
To provide clients with qualified project teams in a timely and cost-effective manner, SCRUM has developed a Project Resourcing Program wherein the client defines its project goals and consulting personnel needs.

SCRUM then becomes responsible for the total recruitment, screening, interview and placement of these consultants while the client maintains the day-to-day project management responsibilities. The client and SCRUM also work closely together to develop a Project Resourcing Plan which takes into account the duration of the initiative as well as the ebb and flow of staffing levels by project phase.

Vendor Management
Many organizations also turn to SCRUM to help streamline their consultant staffing processes.
SCRUM can act as a clearinghouse for those subcontracting firms wishing to provide the client company with consulting resources. In some instances, the client will even ask SCRUM to identify and directly contract with these secondary firms.

In all cases, SCRUM can manage your vendor base and take on the administrative burden of screening candidate qualifications while enforcing all pricing, contractual terms and conditions, and submittal policies and procedures. The result is a staffing process that ensures the highest quality consultants in the most timely and cost-effective manner while reducing your business risks.