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Advertsing & Marketing

Advertising & Marketing
Offering unmatched client services to set your agency apart from the competition is the goal of every successful advertising and marketing firm. In a business where billable services equal profits, accurate client and project management is of the highest importance.

SCRUM offers business solutions to enable companies like yours to increase billable time, improve client service, and accelerate billings, while controlling time and material investments through tighter integration of client- and project-related information. Through SCRUM your business can benefit from:
  • Integrated firm-wide processes and information
  • Ability to gain insight into business data
  • Enhanced handling of time and expenses
  • Centrally managed core job assets and information
  • Positive return on investment

Specifically designed for project-based organizations, our professional services automation solutions provide all-in-one capability to deliver critical insights of all projects and how they impact your overall business goals. By automating your processes and creating a collaborative environment your people can better manage customer relationships, projects and vendors with greater efficiency. SCRUM’ complete breadth of solutions to help optimize your IT capabilities include collaboration portals, email management, infrastructure, mobility, and hardware and networking.

To supplement our technology, SCRUM provides consulting and training to ensure that every step -- analysis, planning, implementation, deployment, and support – is carried out to the highest degree. Our experts can help identify opportunities and work with you to determine the best solution suited to your needs. SCRUM offers single point of accountability as your technology partner to lower your total cost of ownership.

By better managing financial, creative and production assets you can streamline operations while increasing value, improving interactions with customers, and making faster, smarter decisions. Bottom line, a technology strategy aligned with your business priorities can help your company and your people share data, work together, and make effective decisions for your business and for your clients.