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Application Development
Application Development
Companies using legacy systems are burdened with keeping unnecessary processes in motion just to maintain normal business operations. Relying on outdated application systems leaves little room for innovation and can stunt the growth of your company.

SCRUM is dedicated to building mission-critical applications that exceed client expectations. Through our people, experience, and methodologies we are able to achieve a level of client focus and flexibility that is simply unmatched in the industry. We provide true end-to-end business transformations, while also recognizing the importance of knowledge transfer, client development and internal growth. That is why we can offer a tailored approach from a resource, cost, and delivery perspective that is unique in the marketplace and responsive to your key business requirements.

With On-shore, and Off-shore resource capabilities our developers provide unparalleled IT services and solutions for mid-market, Global 2000, and government organizations around the world. Given this breath of experience, SCRUM builds solutions for all major computing platforms, and are willing to work with any technology necessary to get the job done.

The SCRUM team consists of certified experts in several of today’s most highly demanded skills and technologies. Our Software Development Life Cycle process in application development is in process of achieving a CMMI Level 3 appraisal. Our development competencies include but are not limited to:

  • .NET
    SCRUM has extensive experience building custom applications using the Microsoft .NET platform. Our elite partnership with Microsoft gives us a unique position to deliver powerful and cost-effective solutions.
  • Java/J2EE
    We provide a number of services utilizing the robust capabilities of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition. Our certified professionals can deliver scalable, multi-tier, server-centric applications to provide fast, reliable, and secure environments.
  • WebSphere
    With our team of certified WebSphere experts along with our long relationship with IBM, SCRUM is an industry leader at developing and deploying a range of custom enterprise application solutions using the WebSphere platform.
  • Business Integration
    Application integration is one of SCRUM’ core competencies. Our people are experts at connecting applications and creating a distributed data environment to enable company-wide collaboration.

Through best practice methodologies we consistently build cost-effective applications that are custom designed to help you achieve immediate results as well as your long-term business goals. By equipping your organization with powerful tools to manage your data, you will be empowered with the speed and agility required in today’s highly competitive marketplace.