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Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management
The requirements for an efficient warehouse differ widely with variations in products, facilities and shipping methods. The unique environments mean a flexible and robust solution is needed to maintain proper control of entire warehouse operations.

The ERP/CRM Advanced Warehouse System (AWS) is a sophisticated warehouse management system (WMS) that fully integrates within the Enterprise Suite. This solution is designed to control operations through distribution solution requirements that include stock bin location (raw material or finished good), radio frequency identification (RFID), and dynamic routing rules. Utilizing radio frequency mobile computers as true intelligent clients rather than dumb terminals, the Advanced Warehouse System will support an unlimited number of users, making it extremely scaleable and cost-effective.

Features and Benefits
ERP Integration Integrate the movement of information and product throughout the supply chain. Exceed customer demand with improved speed, accuracy, and reporting.
Manage-by-exception Design and Reporting Identify and address problematic issues immediately rather than over-analyzing numerous reports to determine if and where problems exist.
RFID Capability Improve inventory control and overall efficiency through automated data collection. Eliminate paper pick tickets in the warehouse and reduce the amount of direct labor involved.
Quality Control Tracking Eliminate inefficient movement, redundant effort and excess inventory.