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Learning Management
Learning Management
Blended learning is a combination of approaches intended to maximize training effectiveness. This integrated strategy involves formal and informal, as well as technology- and people-based methods. In order to implement such a strategy you need a robust and flexible platform to manage, schedule, and administer your courses, assessments, participants, and instructors. When done correctly, a structured learning strategy will result in higher workforce productivity, improved workforce retention, and increased profitability from optimized efficiencies.

SCRUM provides a fully customizable Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate your company-wide education needs. Nominated for IBM's prestigious Beacon Award recognizing software innovation, our LMS solution will automate your content management, reporting, and administration. With it you can easily manage your blended learning program to deliver varying types and levels of training, which include:
  • Synchronous -- live e-learning classes where participants and instructors can interact online in real time.
  • Asynchronous -- self-paced e-learning with access to online resources, simulations, video, etc.
  • Instructor-led -- face-to-face formal workshops that also involve coaching and mentoring.

Through our flexible and robust system your organization, no matter the size, can implement effective programs that are easily manageable and deployable.

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