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CRM & Supply Chain
The success of your business depends on your relationships with your customers. Properly managing these relationships is crucial to profits and sustaining growth within a highly competitive global market. Given the right tools, your ability to maintain vital information and effectively connect with them empowers your workforce to boost sales and heighten customer satisfaction to new levels.

SCRUM has a team of experts ready to develop a CRM solution best suited to your needs. With our help you can create profitable customer relationships through lead and opportunity management, incident management, a searchable knowledgebase, and reporting tools -- sharpening your competitive edge and transforming the way your business succeeds.

SCRUM develops cost-effective solutions tailored around your specific business needs, so your company can benefit by:
  • Empower your sales force with the necessary tools to effectively connect with customers and increase sales success.
  • Delight your customers by delivering consistent, efficient service, increasing customer loyalty and retention.
  • Identify new opportunities using powerful analytical tools to fully realize customer patterns and history.
  • Become an agile company by placing information in the hands of the right people and making informed decisions quickly.
  • Share information throughout your business and boosting productivity through enterprise-wide integration.
  • Simplify your business processes through automation, eliminating repeat data entry and unnecessary steps.
  • Ensure a rapid return on investment and reducing costs.

Analysis, Planning, Integration, Deployment, and Support
SCRUM will provide expert business and technology consulting to recommend, implement, train and integrate your new CRM solution into your business structure. We partner with our clients to deliver any needed support during the entire initiative, ensuring your people, information and processes are constantly connected.

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