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Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management
Historically, the apparel industry has utilized a wide variety of system methods and controls to develop new products, track the manufacturing process, and deliver finished products to customers. Often times designers, merchants, buyers, technical designers, and production associates perform their tasks independently. Attempts to integrate these tasks using a traditional ERP or back office systems have generally failed due to the dynamic nature of this process. ERP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), on the other hand, offers a sophisticated system designed specifically for your market and allows you to successfully integrate product development, manufacturing, and distribution processes.

ERP PLM enables best-practice processes by providing more comprehensive, detailed, and organized information, all in real-time, to ensure accurate and informed decision-making. With data accessible through a single source, the immediate benefits include ease of set-up, little or no duplicate efforts, and standardization. Users will also leverage the extensive functionality present in other modules of the ERP Enterprise Suite to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind complete product lifecycle management offering.

ERP PLM integrates every individual, every department, and every company from design to delivery into a larger value-added supply chain that includes colleagues, customers, and suppliers – delivering new levels of efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Features and Benefits
True ERP Integration and Interface Capabilities Increase control through the integration of development, manufacturing, and distribution. Access detailed information and reporting for accurate and timely decision-making. Standardization to eliminate inconsistencies and errors.
Automated Collaborative Time and Action Calendar Any number of user-defined steps and milestones can be set up to allow tracking by assigned teams, with notifications if something should fall behind schedule.
Forms Builder Give users the power to define any number of specification sheets, technical packages and more, each of which can include any number of images, grading rules and tolerances, and other information required by the factory.
Storyboard Builder Enhance the concept stage through the use of storyboards and images to help develop your collections.
Dimensional Sizing Size specification management allows each product to be defined beyond just one-dimensional sizes.