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Partners Enablement
Partners Establishment
SCRUM provides comprehensive channel development and partner enablement services designed to maximize the potential of your indirect sales channels. Our modular end-to-end solutions are tailored to meet your company's channel business development goals and budget.

SCRUM will assist you in the design, development, and management of your channel development needs. We'll also analyze particular areas of your channel programs to build optimum solutions that achieve the highest levels of revenue and market penetration through your partner community.
  • Recruit
    Translate your recruitment goals into a well defined plan to recruit the best set of partners capable of selling and supporting your products and services.
  • Companies count on their channel partnerships to maximize profits, increase market penetration, and enhance customer satisfaction. Recruiting the right business partners is the key to developing or expanding your channel programs.

    SCRUM has developed, implemented, and managed recruitment programs seamlessly for some of the world's largest IT vendors.

    Business Partner Recruitment Readiness
    The importance of using well-defined criteria for identifying, qualifying, and recruiting business partners that align to your specific channel development initiatives cannot be overstated. SCRUM will work with you to clarify your recruitment goals and rank the desired competencies and business models you are seeking in potential new business partners. SCRUM will work with you to:

    • Understand your specific recruitment goals and criteria for success
    • Define your compelling business partner program benefits, product positioning and messaging
    • Translate your business partner program benefits into a telemarketing script and outbound email messaging
    • Acquire business partner prospect lists and sort business partner prospects that align to your specific recruitment objectives
    • Train the SCRUM business partner recruitment telemarketing sales team about your business partner programs and objectives
    • Create standardized documentation to streamline partner management
    • Develop collateral to market your business partner program and products to qualified business partner candidates
    • Establish metrics and reports for benchmarking the recruitment campaign performance
  • Educate
    Provide high-value learning modules designed for your partners' sales and technical staffs to establish a skilled network of partners.
  • Sales and Technical Training
    SCRUM will assist you to develop or update your partner sales and technical training programs. SCRUM provides instructional solutions for both e-learning and instructor-led training (ILT) designed to support your tactical and strategic partner training challenges worldwide.

    SCRUM has expertise among a broad scope of learning methods and modalities including online, distance, CD-ROM, ILT, catalog and custom development practices. SCRUM provides training development programs in multiple languages.

    From problem discovery, to instructional design, to implementation, deployment, and evaluation, the SCRUM methodology is a best practice.

  • Develop
    Beginning at recruitment, provide direct contact to your partners and guide them through the categories of sales and technical enablement to ensure your partners become quickly engaged, enabled, and productive.

  • Directly engaging your partners is a critical requirement for developing a substantial revenue producing network of channel partners. Vendors that have implemented this level of support are experiencing major growth with their partners.

    SCRUM’s Partner Development Program

    SCRUM will assist you to develop and enable your business partners by providing high-volume, low cost seamless end-to-end support.
    • Ensure partner engagement, awareness, participation, skills enablement
    • Quickly enable the partners' sales and technical staffs
    • Increase partner productivity
    • Gain partners' mindshare and loyalty
    • Increase incremental revenue growth

    The development phase for new business partners is one of the categories that most vendors strive to improve. Allocating the appropriate resources and budget to recruit the best set of new business partners and then training them to quickly and efficiently go-to-market is the highest priority toward achieving your revenue and market penetration objectives.

  • Support
    Provide high-level seamless support and services to your partners' sales and technical staffs to accelerate the partners' time to market with your products and services.

  • Solution providers of all types, such as VARs, systems integrators, distributors, ISVs, and other members of a vendor's channel partner program require and expect a certain level of service and support. Partners expect their vendors to provide the type of support that will solidify the partnership, strengthen mutual business growth, and develop trust and loyalty.

    SCRUM provides a break-through industry leading partner support program that uniquely combines technical enablement, sales and marketing enablement, training and technical support all in one program through a single point of contact.

    Online access to sales and technical enablement resources through a custom partner portal, combined with SCRUM’s direct, email, and chat support options provides an effective program for your business partners to quickly develop their ability to go-to-market with your products and services.

  • Partner Portal
    Develop a new partner portal or upgrade your existing partner portal to provide instant access to important product, sales, marketing, and technical information, as well as tools and training, all in one location.

  • A vendor’s partner portal can only be fully utilized if the information they require is easy-to-find, the data is complete, and is accessible in one place. SCRUM has years of experience developing partner portals for some of the world’s largest IT vendors.

    SCRUM will work with you to:
    • Design and develop your partner portal or enhance your current portal by adding new assets such as new training modules or redesigning the portal for ease-of-use.
    • Assist you to develop or revise collateral, sales, and technical tools, training modules, etc., designed for use by partners.
    • SCRUM can also host your portal on our secure website.
    • SCRUM offers seamless support to assist your partners to quickly engage and use all of the features of your partner portal.

    SCRUM’s real-time partner portal empowers your business partners to bring your products and services to market faster and more efficiently by providing cost effective, one-stop, instant access to business critical information, tools, training, and support. You can then achieve:

    • Faster partner ramp-up and development with streamlined business & support processes
    • Increased partner sales and technical staff productivity
    • Increased revenue and shorter sales cycles
    • Responsive sales and technical support to partners
    • Improved partner satisfaction and loyalty
    • Reduced partner program costs
    • Simplified partner program execution and management
    • Greater level of services making it easy-to-do business for partners

    Through our custom partner portals, your partners will engage their customers and prospects using a full service coaching and deployment model. Everything a business partner needs to know is available in one place.