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CRM & Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management
The pace of today’s global market requires manufacturers and distributors to stay on top of the many demands throughout the entire supply chain. High productivity, operational efficiency, and reduced costs are all necessary components to stay competitive. This can only be accomplished by connecting partners, suppliers and customers into an integrated system that gives you the control and agility to continuously innovate and grow your organization. Tight integration lets you efficiently track and analyze key information, improve productivity, and drive smarter decisions.

SCRUM specializes in delivering Siebel, one of the most cost-effective ERP and Supply Chain Management solutions for organizations of any size. SCRUM offers integrated solutions that support critical business processes and collaborative information management.

SCRUM has a team of supply chain experts ready to develop the right solution for your business. Our certified consultants help manage the implementation, thereby ensuring timely software installation, lower startup and maintenance costs and quicker realization of return on investment. In addition, SCRUM implementation consultants can provide support and training to help you maximize your IT resources.