Every government - federal, state, and local - faces the challenge of providing improved public service to a growing and diverse constituency. Budget issues and strict regulatory requirements limit the ability to deliver successfully, especially with flawed processes often coming under the pressures of public scrutiny. Under the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Express Program, established under the GSA Schedules Program, SCRUM has a long-term contract to provide our products and services as a Schedule contractor for the U.S. Federal Government.

SCRUM's depth of experience in the public sector allows us to fully understand the nuances of complex government policies and procedures. Through our solutions your agencies can benefit from:

  • Integrated agency-wide processes and information
  • Centrally managed financial data
  • Enhanced handling of time and expenses

Offering complete integrated solutions that handle human resources, financial management, as well as procurement and case management, SCRUM technology solutions enable better insight and ownership of critical processes and procedures. Our methodology of analyzing, planning, implementing, deploying, and supporting sophisticated IT programs can help you fully realize the value of your services with noticeable returns on investment (ROI).

By connecting disparate systems through our platform solutions, the integration of agency-wide information and data presents comprehensive visibility over your accounts, project-related processes, and your operations as a whole. In addition, our expert consultants can fully assess your entire IT capabilities and help you determine and facilitate any e-mail management, project services, hardware and networking, infrastructure, staffing, or training needs that might exist.