With the convergence of current and new “disruptive” telecommunications, media, and entertainment technologies, the Communications industry is host to conflicting demands never before experienced in its history. Industry consolidation, new market entrants, proliferation of new services, customer defections, and regulatory barriers combine to drive business process integration that must keep pace with industry drivers and change for competitive survival and growth.

SCRUM’s Communications Industry Practice is built upon a strong footprint of enterprise solutions for leading client companies across the entire Communications industry value chain including:

  • Communications Infrastructure Suppliers
  • Data Service Providers
  • Interactive Media Providers
  • Wireless Service Providers
  • Wireline Service Providers

SCRUM’s Communications Practice

SCRUM’s Communications Industry Practice is dedicated to enabling business transformation through our Enterprise Solutions. Our industry practice leaders and practitioners leverage many years of hands-on Communications industry experience to provide a unique combination of business strategy, solutions innovation, and quality assurance to overcome business integration challenges.

SCRUM’s collaborative approach to industry solutions is built upon a robust foundation of partnerships with our clients, technology vendors, analysts, and associations to ensure state-of-the-art solutions which keep pace with industry trends and business requirements.

Leveraging our Project Lifecycle Methodology and deep technology expertise, SCRUM has delivered an array of mission-critical Communications industry solutions across key lines-of-business including Operations, Order Management, Service Activation, Billing, and Service Assurance. Some examples of our client solutions include:

  • Automated Order Fulfillment Platform
  • Call Center Performance Management
  • Customer Proprietary Network Information Management Dashboard
  • eBusiness System Integration
  • Flow-Through Service Order Processing
  • Retail Order Distribution & Approval
  • Real-time integration of remote retailers

For more information on SCRUM's Communications Practice please contact us at communications@SCRUM.com